11 September 2018


Daniel García Valero
(Bergara 1985, Basque Country, Spain)

Studies photography for two years in the basque institute of photography (IVASFOT) in San Sebastián. Continues his education in several workshops given by photographers like David Jimenez, Ricardo Cases, Eduardo Momeñe or Michael Ackerman. He develops his professional activity in the Basque Country working as a multidisciplinary photographer and is part of the organizing group of the “Photo Book Club Donostia-San Sebastián”.

Published its first book “NO TOCAR” released on march of 2015 who was selected and featured in “EnContexto 2015” a Spanish Self-Publishing Photobook fair. He’s new proyect “Australian Fireworks” has been recently selected for the portfolio review on Volume | Another Art Book Fair, Sydney and featured in the curated portfolio section of “The Loop”.

2018-19 (In progress) Postgraduate in Personal Photography Projects LENS Madrid
2011-13  Professional photography diploma “Basque institute for photography” ( IVSFOT ) Donostia/San Senastián(Spain)
2015 Professional retouch course “Photoshop for photographes” José Cabezudo Donostia/San Sebastián (Spain)

Exhibitions & publications
2015 “No-tocar” Exhibition and book publication IVASFOT Donostia/San Sebastián (Spain)
2015 Group exhibition “No-tocar” En Contexto self published book fair Madrid (Spain)
2013 Group exhibition Photogune Donostia/San Sebastián (Spain)

2018 “Australian fireworks” is featured in the curated portfolio section of The Loop (Australia)
2017 “Australian fireworks” is selected for the proyect review in VOLUME 2017 Another Art Book Fair Sydney (Australia)
2015 “No-tocar” is exhibited in En Contexto self published book fair Madrid (Spain)

2017 “La Jaula” with Julián Barón La Fotoescuela Valencia (Spain)
2016 Worshop with Michael Ackerman, Getxophoto festival Getxo (Spain)
2014 “Detrás de la cámara” Eduardo Momeñe Donostia/San Sebastián (Spain)
2014 “Lo que guarda una imagen” with David Jimenez Donostia/San Sebastián (Spain)
2012 “Cazeando humanos” with Ricardo Cases Madrid (Spain)